Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Post Wedding Wednesday... Saying Yes to the Dress

So Hi everybody! It's been a long and Crazy month since saying I DO! and there are a few more posts that I had really wanted to share about the whole Wedding Planning/Marriage process so I've decided that for the next three week's I'll do a Post Wedding Wednesday to wrap up my thoughts on the matter and tell you all a little about some pretty fun/ pretty terrifying things!

Here goes my first one... Dress Shopping is the bane of my existence and I am so glad that I will never have to buy a wedding dress again!

Lets start with how hard it is to find a dress that looks right on me... I'm 5'10" and a good bit overweight, with the misfortune of being one of those women who carry all their weight in unfortunate places (e.g. my belly... ladies you know what i'm talking about???) What I wanted more than anything was a dress that made me feel beautiful, didn't make me look like I was pregnant, and didn't cost an arm and a leg... Easier said than done!

I went to David's Bridal where the staff was so helpful, but my first appointment didn't go so well. I took my MOH's with me and they were great but the dresses I tried on didn't suit me and I learned a very important lesson... WHITE IS NOT MY COLOR... well white dresses aren't my color anyway. I have extremely pale skin and the white dresses I tried on made me look practically transparent. I was not a fan. (Here are some of the losers... but not the worst dresses I tried, believe me these are the better options)

The second trip I had researched and done a lot of looking and went with one particular dress in mind, I knew what i didn't like and I thought I knew what I did. This time I took R's mama with me and I tried on exactly one dress.... Mine

It was perfect and very much the dress I had hoped it would be! 
and On August 9, 2014 I got to wear it down the aisle to marry my best friend!

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