Friday, September 19, 2014

Welcome to Our Home!

Hey Ya'll! So Welcome to everyone who's reading this! I'm really excited to do this post, especially since I've spent a great deal of time over the past few months getting our home ready, decorated, and just the way I like it. 

It's not quite perfect... but nothing ever is. I'm really happy with how everything is looking at the moment the master bedroom and the kitchen aren't included in this post because i'm not really happy with/ done with either of those rooms yet (promise as soon as i am I'll post pics) So here goes... Welcome to our home!

Our dining room is one of my favorite places... since our kitchen is so small I bought this shelf at target to make up for the storage we needed but didn't have. I also wanted to use as many of our wedding decorations in our home as possible so I've reused as much as a possibly could. The paper lanterns over the table are one of my favorite little touches in the main part of the apartment. I've got a few more in other parts of the house. The beautiful lantern on our table was a wedding gift from one of R's sweet cousins and I adore it. The runners are of course wedding decor that i couldn't bare to through away.

The living room here is large and wonderful, but right now it's pretty empty. The wall about the couch currently has our guest "book" hanging on it... and it looks so alone. I am patiently awaiting our wedding photos so it's not so alone i already have the frames picked out for the perfect gallery wall. The wall across from the couch has my Miami, London, and Paris posters that i've had since I went to college. They've been around but I just cant stand to let them go. We also have a patio with a huge sliding door but It's not decorated and theres no furniture so I'll save that for when there is.

Our guest bathroom is super cute! If i do say so myself. I love it, the bin is from our wedding, the towels were a gift and that brilliant shower curtain was a steal from Goodwill... $2.00 and I adore it. My mom and I painted the wall over the shower a coordinating green and I got the bath mats at walmart.

This room is what i like to call the multi - purpose room... because otherwise it's name would be super long. It's an office/guest room/ craft room and all in all busy space. But aside from our master it's my favorite place to be. The decoration is the strangest mix match of our tastes that it makes me laugh sometimes at how it doesn't go together at all but we make it work.

we've got the futon for sitting/sleeping

the TV corner... where i have my craft stuff hiding everywhere

the guest bed... for sleeping

my desk... for school work (my mom's dad and grandpa built this with their own hands and it is one of my prized possessions. It was my papa's then my mama's and now it's mine. Side note all the paintings in the apartment were done by my amazingly talented Papa as well.)

and our bookshelf... it holds books and so much more. 

The biggest challenge I've faced is actually the size of our apartment, or more accurately the size of one particular room in our apartment... the kitchen. The kitchen is a lot smaller than I would like, but hey it's an apartment so you can't always get what you want right! I've tried to combat this problem in a few ways... none of them really worked until one day R suggested that maybe I should just get a shelf for some extra storage and put it in the dining room... Problem solved!
But not really I'm still working on getting some projects done that will hopefully make it feel a little less crowded.

Until Next Time...
Love yall!

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