Thursday, October 30, 2014

DIY Halloween Costumes 2014 ...

In honor of one of my favorite holidays being tomorrow... and just in case you don't have a costume already I want to share my Top 5 Do It Yourself Halloween Costumes for 2014... Mind you these are for college/grad students/adults and the goal is for a last minute costume that doesn't take a whole lot of time but looks like you tried (so it's not going to just be slapping on some cat ears an a tail!)

a loofa... a really simple, really cheap, really easy costume to make on short notice. 

Rosie the Riviter ... this one is super easy, especially if you're like me. Blue jeans, a chambray shirt, and a bandana are all you need for this and I just so happen to have all of the above in my closet already. I'd bet some of you do to.

much like Rosie this scarecrow uses things I already have in my closet. Blue jeans, a flannel shirt, a floppy straw hat and some creativity with your makeup and this precious costume can be yours in less than 15 minutes.

be a cupcake... my best friend last year went as a latte from starbucks and i was going to go as a muffin with her... This cupcake is a super simple costume to make and all you need is a round lanudry hamper, scissors, hot glue, poster board, and some tulle or other filler to make the "icing" and cover your goodies :)

or be a super hero... tutu and a tee shirt... all you need

(All Images are from Pinterest)

Monday, October 27, 2014

#ModaVox Box...

So as you guys have probably gathered from my Blog in the past... I'm an Influenster and part of being one is getting to review awesome products for you guys! From time to time I receive Vox Boxes from Influenster and I never fail to be impressed.

I recently received my latest box in the mail and I was more than excited!

This box was the Moda Vox box... and my first impression was dang this is the Heaviest box I have ever gotten in the mail.

Upon opening it I found possibly the neatest box contents i've ever seen. The first thing I did was take out the Resource Water and pop that baby in the fridge so I could have some nice cold water to drink while I blogged about the box!

Resource spring water is wonderful, I love that the bottle is both made from recycled materials, and recyclable. The water itself... Is water and while I don't generally drink bottled water. It wasn't bad and the price was something I could live with if i ever needed to buy it in the future.

The next thing in the box was a pack of Puff's tissues, in the soft pack. I like the idea for my car, or for traveling, or for when R and I have a little one the soft pack would work great in a diaper bag. However I prefer boxed tissues for my house because lets be honest my cat would tear the soft pack to shreds. Aside from some packaging concerns, these tissues are extremely soft and wonderful on a sore noes! I love puffs whenever I have a cold, they've been my go to tissue for years anyway! So this product is definitely a win.

Swiss Miss Cocoa is always a win... this Is Swiss Miss Simply Cocoa. It comes in milk and dark chocolate and contains only five ingredients. A major plus for me since I have so many allergies. The ingredients are Sugar, Cocoa, Nonfat Milk, Salt and Natural Flavor (I'm assuming that means chocolate since I haven't opened to taste it yet... I tend to save the HC for after Thanksgiving). The product contains no preservatives or artificial flavors! So I am very excited to heat up some milk and make this cocoa!

Jergen's Ultra Healing Lotion... I have never used this before. The lotion says it locks in moisture for up to 48 hours. And promises visibly healthier looking skin after one weeks use. I used it last night before bed and my skin is already feeling more hydrated. Will be using again tonight for sure!

I love Rimmel products I am a huge fan actually. The Moda Box had not just one but three products from Rimmel London that I am excited/nervous to try out. The first Was moisture renew lipstick... I don't buy lipstick for myself I'm more of a Chapstick girl. And the bright red was certainly not a color I would ever choose for myself. However after receiving it and trying it out I can't say I'm thrilled with how it looks on me... Red is not my color and Taylor Swift I am not. I'm going to try working it into a few makeup routines just to see if I can make it work. The other two products are the moisture renew lip liner... it says it will keep my lip color from feathering... I don't know about that. It is however totally clear and very forgiving.
 The third product was Scandalize Rockin Curves Mascara. Much like the other Scandalize products I am a fan. Rimmel Mascara is all i use. I love how it makes my lashes look longer and fuller, and how it curls them without the use of an eyelash curler which i've always seen as a mini torture device anyway.

The last product in the box was Hair Food Moisture Mask... and it is the only one I haven't fully tried out yet. This is simply because I just died my hair and I generally wait two to three weeks before I use any new product on my hair after I dye it. So we will see about how it works a little later in the week.

SO there it was. My review of the Products in the Moda Vox Box... thank you influenster  for never letting me down!.
As usual I have to disclose that I received all items in this post free of charge from Influenster for the purpose of testing them out and reviewing them... I am not getting paid for my opinion and my opinions are just that! My Own!

Love always Tesla

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

New Member of The Team

September 22, 2014 Ridge and I added another sweet member to our family...
She's cute and cuddly, loves me more than Ridge, likes to sleep on my head at night, and hides under the bed on a regular basis... She's a Cat and She's the purrfect little companion...

World Meet Diva Howell the official third member of Team Howell :)

She's such a sweet kitty and spends hours each night curled up beside me while i struggle through my homework. Sometimes she sleeps...

and sometimes she gets highlighted because she won't get out of the way when I'm trying to read.

Love her to pieces all ready... can't wait to have a home where we can add more furry members and maybe a couple cute little humans as well :) We shall see.

Love always
Tesla H.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

How to be a Final Girl...

Needless to say I watch my fair share of Horror Movies this time of year... I mean don't we all. 
And like any other self respecting Horror Fan I've noticed a few things that tend to end you up on the Dead List.

Since I definitely want to be a Final Girl if I ever find myself in a Horror Movie Here are my absolute necessities for surviving ANY Horror Movie :) 

1 .A Good Pair of Running Shoes... because lets be honest, there is no surer way to die in a Horror Movie than to find yourself running for your life barefoot... or God forbid in a pair of six inch stilettos. They are going to break, you are going to trip and the werewolf/zombie/bad guy murderer is going to GET YOU! Sensible shoes my dears they'll save your life. 

2. Rope ... Tie them up, tie yourself up in a tree to sleep at night a la Katniss Everdeen, create a trap for unsuspecting zombies and or other non preternatural killers. Horror movie bad guys, while notoriously terrifying are not particularly intelligent for the most part a well placed trip wire or hidden noose can be just what you need to slow the bad guy enough to slice and dice him and secure your place as Final Girl.

3. A Weapon of Some Kind... although I'd go with a Crossbow because you look like a BAMF and it allows you to kill from a distance and keep out of harms way (perhaps while you're tied up in the tree).  Other notable mentions are guns, hand grenades, chainsaws, pepper spray, or if you are caught between Michael Myers and hard place a good old fashioned Butcher's Knife or Handy Axe. Lock and load ladies it's gonna be a rough ride if you don't have the hardware.

4. Snacks/Water... protein, protein, protein and Hydration. Because the bad guy may be able to run all night (after all he's the bad guy) but you won't be able to if you don't have some serious snack-age (preferably in an easily eatable on the run form). Our bodies don't run on fumes and if you have snacks you have an edge over the girls/guys who weren't so prepared. After all I don't have to out run the guy with the chain saw... i just have to outrun you :)

5. My Car Keys... I know we've all seen the Geico Commercial with the kids in the horror movie. In all likelihood there would never be a running car waiting for you. It won't be that easy. But for the love of God how many people have been killed in Horror Movies getting into cars and fumbling to fin the keys only to realize they are in your dead friends pocket... make sure you're always the one with the keys girl.

6. Last but certainly not least... I would need my a very large bottle of a very strong liqour to make me forget everything that happened ... because lets face it whats the point of making it to the end if you can't celebrate afterwards :)

I'm pretty sure I could make it through a horror movie with these supplies, and  a few well placed hiding spots. However no matter what you have in your box of goodies... you won't survive a horror movie if you don't follow the rules. SO don't be an idiot, turn on the lights, don't have sex, don't go anywhere alone, and for the love of all things holy don't listen to the idiot who says "whats the worst that could happen" because they really really really have no idea.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

My Little Sanctuary ... our Master bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen

So I did a tour of our apartment on here a few weeks ago, but I didn't include my favorite parts of the house, because well to be honest they simply weren't finished yet... I finally got everything done to my satisfaction and I can say I'm a very happy girl

Friday, October 17, 2014

Fashion Friday ...

Very Few Words... But Lots of Looks... 
The Best Looks of the Past Few Weeks for my first ever Fashion Friday!

Each Friday my post will be focuses solely on Fashion... sometimes what i've done right... sometimes what I've done wrong. But always on fashion!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Wardrobe Staples...

There are quite a few pieces of clothing hanging in my closet right now... and by that i mean the closet is full. 
However like everyone else out there, I have a few key pieces that I absolutely couldn't function without... here are my top five

#5 : Lifestride Heels/Boots

these bad boys are a lifesaver and I own two pairs each (two pairs of boots, two pairs of heels). I don't think I can go back to heels that aren't life-strides because they are basically the most comfortable shoes I own. And i bet people don't tell you that about their heels every day. While I wear my heels all year long, my boots are a fall staple and i love the fact that they have a wide calf option for people like me (17.5 inch calves represent!) Like the heels these boots are impressively comfortable. I own the brown and black leather boots and wear them probably 90% of the fall and winter days.

#4 : Good Quality Leggings (That Aren't SEE THROUGH when i put them on)

I don't know about you ladies but I love my leggings, and i especially love that they let me wear my summer dresses for a little while longer each year... oh and the whole they don't feel like pants thing. That's pretty great too. But i have a hard time finding leggings that don't become see through when I put them on. Most of the time is just wear these leggings my mom gave me that are actually not leggings but go under your ski pants to keep you warm on the slopes... because they don't become see-through. However i also like to wear regular cotton leggings and those can be hard to find. I wear a large in most things, but most leggings I have to wear an XL, and even then they are stretched to the max... so I've been in search of a brand that fits me right and isn't see through... what I found is the leggings from Walmart work great, are not expensive at all and I don't feel so bad when i wear them out.

#3 : Scarves

I think scarves go without saying. I love scarves and would/sometimes do wear them all year round. Scarves are really versatile items that can be worn with most any outfit. My favorite look is to pair my scarf with leggings a dress and my brown boots. If it's cool enough a cardigan sets the look off just right.

#2 : Basic Little Black Dress

My LBD is a simple dress from Old Navy. It's casual enough to be worn to a Gamecocks football game, but is simple to dress up and paired with a blazer is perfect for work/court/school/whatever. My favorite thing about the dress is how covered I am. I'm a tall girl, and most dresses that are long enough on everyone else are way too short on me. This dress comes to right above my knees which is ideal. The neckline is high enough that my cleavage is covered... which is also no small feat. All in all I give old navy's dresses two thumbs way way up!

#1 : a good pair of jeans

actually modify that... a GREAT pair of jeans! Once again the credit for the best thing in my closet goes to Old Navy for making the perfect pair of mid-rise jeans. I wear my straight legged sweet heart jeans on a near daily basis. I'm a curvy woman, and it's not easy to find jeans that fit me right, and don't cut me in half (nothing is worse than a muffin top :/ or those awful marks where your jeans are slowly trying to kill you).

Thursday, October 02, 2014

What's Up/On this October

To anyone who knows me it's no secret I've got a few Quirks... I watch sad movies to make myself cry, i only watch Chick Flicks when i'm sad, I'm methodical, very routine oriented, and I don't break the rules... but one of my best quirks... or at least in my opinion (my husband would probably disagree) is my overwhelming, and inexplicable love for Horror Movies.

I adore Horror movies, any and all. NO gore is to gory, no storyline to ridiculous, and no evil to scary for me to take a few hours on a weekend, or a week night depending on my work load, to watch a wonderful Horror movie or two. I adore them.

Before you all go labeling me as some future psycho killer I assure you I'm not... if I was it's a safe bet I would probably NOT be writing a post about my overwhelming love for horror films, and i certainly wouldn't admit that I find serial killers intriguing... However most importantly it's a safe bet that I wouldn't be a blogger If I spent my spare time killing people... I just like to be scared...

October Provides a wonderful platform for my love of Horror movies since almost every major cable channel that has movies, shows an unreasonable number of horror movies during the month of October. Here are just a few of the Offerings that you could check out if you were interested :)

Here's Whats On

Syfy - 31 Days of Halloween (Begins October 1)
Food Network - Halloween Wars (Begins October )
ABC Family - 13 Days of Halloween (Begins October 19)
AMC Fear Fest (Begins October 17)

and of Course if you have Netflix there are a bevy of wonderful Horror/Thriller/Supernatural movies to keep you company all year long :) I know i watch them all the time

My second favorite Part of October are all the fun things (both scary and not to do)

and Here's What's Up in my neck of the woods this month!

SC State Fair - October 8 -19 
the state fair is tons of fun. I went last year with the hubs for the first time and I am pretty sure that if we have the extra money we will be going back again this year. Although we will probably go back a little earlier in the day... or maybe on a week night because last year we went the last Saturday and It was completely packed out!
Deceased Farm (Lexington SC) - Has already started up! 
I haven't been to this, but it's on my list for this year! One of the guys from Law School actually works there so I'm super excited to go and check it out.
Monsters Ball (Halloween Night)
This event is for Law Students at my school and I've heard its' tons of fun. However i didn't go to it last year and I'm still on the fence about this year. We shall see!
Check out The Leaves!
This isn't an event per say. You can do it most anytime this time of year. But I recommend sooner rather than later. Take a drive to the Upstate of SC and watch the leaves turn golden. Because lets face it we don't have that many trees in Columbia and you need trees to have an impressive leaf change. It's even better if you can manage to make it up to Travlers Rest or the mountains for a day because the leaves changing on the mountain are the most beautiful of all!

Well thats all for me today... So now I'm going to ask Yall!

What is your favorite thing to do during the fall? Or the month of October???

Love Always Tesla

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Post Wedding Wednesday ... The Name Game

Changing your name is the single worst part of getting married... hands down!
The only thing that came remotely close was waiting in line for the passports we had to get for the honeymoon... which reminds me I've got to get my name changed on that too

well crap... i thought I was done.

So here are somethings you may not have thought of about changing your name...
you have to change your name everywhere not just the obvious places so here's some that I didn't initially think of
- my student loan provider
-my car loan provider
-the registration on my car (this one may seem like a dur but i totally missed it)
-your student ID if your still a student
and your passport...