Thursday, October 16, 2014

Wardrobe Staples...

There are quite a few pieces of clothing hanging in my closet right now... and by that i mean the closet is full. 
However like everyone else out there, I have a few key pieces that I absolutely couldn't function without... here are my top five

#5 : Lifestride Heels/Boots

these bad boys are a lifesaver and I own two pairs each (two pairs of boots, two pairs of heels). I don't think I can go back to heels that aren't life-strides because they are basically the most comfortable shoes I own. And i bet people don't tell you that about their heels every day. While I wear my heels all year long, my boots are a fall staple and i love the fact that they have a wide calf option for people like me (17.5 inch calves represent!) Like the heels these boots are impressively comfortable. I own the brown and black leather boots and wear them probably 90% of the fall and winter days.

#4 : Good Quality Leggings (That Aren't SEE THROUGH when i put them on)

I don't know about you ladies but I love my leggings, and i especially love that they let me wear my summer dresses for a little while longer each year... oh and the whole they don't feel like pants thing. That's pretty great too. But i have a hard time finding leggings that don't become see through when I put them on. Most of the time is just wear these leggings my mom gave me that are actually not leggings but go under your ski pants to keep you warm on the slopes... because they don't become see-through. However i also like to wear regular cotton leggings and those can be hard to find. I wear a large in most things, but most leggings I have to wear an XL, and even then they are stretched to the max... so I've been in search of a brand that fits me right and isn't see through... what I found is the leggings from Walmart work great, are not expensive at all and I don't feel so bad when i wear them out.

#3 : Scarves

I think scarves go without saying. I love scarves and would/sometimes do wear them all year round. Scarves are really versatile items that can be worn with most any outfit. My favorite look is to pair my scarf with leggings a dress and my brown boots. If it's cool enough a cardigan sets the look off just right.

#2 : Basic Little Black Dress

My LBD is a simple dress from Old Navy. It's casual enough to be worn to a Gamecocks football game, but is simple to dress up and paired with a blazer is perfect for work/court/school/whatever. My favorite thing about the dress is how covered I am. I'm a tall girl, and most dresses that are long enough on everyone else are way too short on me. This dress comes to right above my knees which is ideal. The neckline is high enough that my cleavage is covered... which is also no small feat. All in all I give old navy's dresses two thumbs way way up!

#1 : a good pair of jeans

actually modify that... a GREAT pair of jeans! Once again the credit for the best thing in my closet goes to Old Navy for making the perfect pair of mid-rise jeans. I wear my straight legged sweet heart jeans on a near daily basis. I'm a curvy woman, and it's not easy to find jeans that fit me right, and don't cut me in half (nothing is worse than a muffin top :/ or those awful marks where your jeans are slowly trying to kill you).

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