Thursday, October 02, 2014

What's Up/On this October

To anyone who knows me it's no secret I've got a few Quirks... I watch sad movies to make myself cry, i only watch Chick Flicks when i'm sad, I'm methodical, very routine oriented, and I don't break the rules... but one of my best quirks... or at least in my opinion (my husband would probably disagree) is my overwhelming, and inexplicable love for Horror Movies.

I adore Horror movies, any and all. NO gore is to gory, no storyline to ridiculous, and no evil to scary for me to take a few hours on a weekend, or a week night depending on my work load, to watch a wonderful Horror movie or two. I adore them.

Before you all go labeling me as some future psycho killer I assure you I'm not... if I was it's a safe bet I would probably NOT be writing a post about my overwhelming love for horror films, and i certainly wouldn't admit that I find serial killers intriguing... However most importantly it's a safe bet that I wouldn't be a blogger If I spent my spare time killing people... I just like to be scared...

October Provides a wonderful platform for my love of Horror movies since almost every major cable channel that has movies, shows an unreasonable number of horror movies during the month of October. Here are just a few of the Offerings that you could check out if you were interested :)

Here's Whats On

Syfy - 31 Days of Halloween (Begins October 1)
Food Network - Halloween Wars (Begins October )
ABC Family - 13 Days of Halloween (Begins October 19)
AMC Fear Fest (Begins October 17)

and of Course if you have Netflix there are a bevy of wonderful Horror/Thriller/Supernatural movies to keep you company all year long :) I know i watch them all the time

My second favorite Part of October are all the fun things (both scary and not to do)

and Here's What's Up in my neck of the woods this month!

SC State Fair - October 8 -19 
the state fair is tons of fun. I went last year with the hubs for the first time and I am pretty sure that if we have the extra money we will be going back again this year. Although we will probably go back a little earlier in the day... or maybe on a week night because last year we went the last Saturday and It was completely packed out!
Deceased Farm (Lexington SC) - Has already started up! 
I haven't been to this, but it's on my list for this year! One of the guys from Law School actually works there so I'm super excited to go and check it out.
Monsters Ball (Halloween Night)
This event is for Law Students at my school and I've heard its' tons of fun. However i didn't go to it last year and I'm still on the fence about this year. We shall see!
Check out The Leaves!
This isn't an event per say. You can do it most anytime this time of year. But I recommend sooner rather than later. Take a drive to the Upstate of SC and watch the leaves turn golden. Because lets face it we don't have that many trees in Columbia and you need trees to have an impressive leaf change. It's even better if you can manage to make it up to Travlers Rest or the mountains for a day because the leaves changing on the mountain are the most beautiful of all!

Well thats all for me today... So now I'm going to ask Yall!

What is your favorite thing to do during the fall? Or the month of October???

Love Always Tesla

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