Thursday, November 27, 2014

Him and Her (Thanksgiving Edition)

So the last time I did this it was a Link Up with a Blog I really love Harley & Jane... that is apparently not going to be a thing anylonger (Makes a sad face...) But I love the idea, so I thought why not carry it on here :) Here's my Him & Her Thanksgiving Edition :)

Him: Football
Her: Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Him: Fried Turkey
Her: Fried Ham

Him: Cornbread Dressing
Her: way more cornbread dressing ;)

Him: Sweet Potato anything
Her: Absolutely can't stand sweet potato's any way but baked or fries

Him: Eating
Her: Cooking

Him: Sweet Tea
Her: Hot Tea

Him: More Football
Her: It's a Wonderful Life

Him: Food Coma
Her: Black Friday Shopping with his mom :)

Love Always, Tesla 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Budgeting For Married Life

Marriage is hard work... and please by this don't think I mean I don't love it. Because Loving my husband is easy, being his wife is wonderful... but Marriage itself is hard work. 
This is primarily because for the first time in our lives we are both not only responsible for ourselves but also for one another...
The hardest part of this has been finding a happy medium in our budgets.

Those of you who know me well know that I am a shopper... those of you that know my husband well know that he likes to spend money on toys... (expensive toys like guns and vehicles and all sorts of stuff) the gist of life is that both of us like to spend money.

If we both went out every time we wanted something and spent the money our bills wouldn't get paid so we have a few simple rules to make a joint budget work.

Rule #1
Your Joint Bills Get Paid First ... and Together
I know this might seem like the biggest dur ever. But it's not as obvious as you would think. Your obligations have to be a part of your budget. This means writing down what obligations you have. I prefer to do this in an excel spread sheet but you can do it however you would like. Pen and paper, word doc, just something that you can keep from month to month.
It needs to include Rent if you rent, Phone bills, power bills, water bills, cable and internet bills, all your expenses that you have together. Those are the things that you have to satisfy as a couple. It isn't fair for one of you to always pay all the bills out of your paycheck and the other has their entire paycheck to blow each week.

Rule #2
Your Individual Bills... those get paid next
My budget also covers the individual debts R and I had coming into our marriage. I had a car payment, and he has student loans debt. Those things don't stop getting paid now that we are married. However the way we pay them has changed. We share the responsibility now for my car payment and his student loans. They get paid out of the household account rather than our personal accounts because that makes it easier for use to hold ourselves accountable.

Rule #3
Food & Gas... Fuel yourselves please
Groceries and Gas are also essentials that have to be in the budget. Set one that is realistic for what you need and what you can afford. If you don't drive your personal vehicle often life R, you don't need a huge budget for gas. If you drive on a daily basis like me you likely need more. Same goes for groceries... I get by on $30 or less a week when it's just me. But when R is home it is a bit more expensive to feed the two of us. So i have to adjust the budget accordingly.

Rule #4
Let the extras be special.
This one is a little less obvious. Because people are selfish and the things we want often feel like things we need. I hate to break it too you but the things you want aren't always the things you need and when it comes to a budget the needs are more important. Extras should be just that. The things you buy when you have extra money. We don't budget for me to shop, or him to buy new guns. But we will allow ourselves to splurge a little when my paycheck was extra good, or he picked up a few extra cash stops that week.  A big part of budgeting for our Marriage is balancing our "wants" with the things that we need to do to keep our lives balanced, and our checkbooks.

I don't know if these will help you guys. But for us these rule have kept us out of quite a few fights over the past few months because we both know what is important, what we can't live without, and what we can.

A budget isn't the key to a happy marriage but it is certainly a contributing factor.

Love, Tesla

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Happy Birthday Mr Howell...

Just wanted to take a minute to wish  Happy 24th Birthday to the love of my life! 

See I may not have been born yet, but 24 years ago today was one of the best days of my life :) 
That was the day that the man I love with all my heart was born. 
Without that nothing in the past eight years would have happened, our love story wouldn't be our love story, and my husband wouldn't be my husband.

So Happy Birthday Baby! 

Thanks for being born and making my life wonderful!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The best thing I ever got in my Influenster Vox Box...

Hello my Bloggy Loves!

As you know if you've read this blog for any period of time I am a proud member of the Influenster nation!

For those of you who don't know, Influenster is a website that gets products out to bloggers like me for them to test and review and tell readers like you about! They send out free products from various companies and brands to people all over the place! We test them, review them, and tell all of you about them.

Over the past few years i've received quite a few vox boxes and written quite a few posts about them, like this one, this one, this one, oh and yea this one :). I've come to really enjoy Influenster over the past two years. They have become a big part of how I try and find new products that I come to love.

In the two years I have been an Influenster, and specifically through Influenster's Vox Boxes' I have come to LOVE one particular product very very much.

And that product is any and everything they have ever sent me made by Rimmel.

I received Rimmel Stay Matte mouse to test in my second box. It was the first time I had ever used anything by Rimmel and when I tried it I was in LOVE! I started actually buying Rimmel Products, and now I am an extremely loyal customer! All thanks to something I recieved in a box in the mail!
Now more than 90% of my makeup bag is Rimmel and it is all thanks to Influenster for introducing me to my new love!

 Most Days are All Rimmel days! #AllRimmelAllTheTime

I love Rimmel and Influenster so much that they were even a part of the biggest and most important day of my life so far! The day I married my best friend. I proudly rocked an all Rimmel Makeup look for my walk down the aisle.

SO what about all of you! How many of my sweet Bloggers are also Influensters... or interested in Becoming Influensters?

After all it's all about Flexing Your Social Media Influence and earning great rewards!

So Thank You Influenster for being everything I could have hoped and more! Hope to be an Influenster for as long as you will have me!

Love Tesla!
#influenster #influensterapp #bloglife

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Best Start is A Good Foundation

Spent all day saturday filming Makeup tutorials for the blog with my little sister that I will be posting from time to time... she's going to be regular contributor to the blog in the future and I can't wait. But for starters we're doing a few make up tutorials... this one i guess you could say is the foundation to them all... it's my basic five minute face when i need to have on just enough makeup to cover up any bumps but don't have time to go full out. Enjoy