Thursday, November 27, 2014

Him and Her (Thanksgiving Edition)

So the last time I did this it was a Link Up with a Blog I really love Harley & Jane... that is apparently not going to be a thing anylonger (Makes a sad face...) But I love the idea, so I thought why not carry it on here :) Here's my Him & Her Thanksgiving Edition :)

Him: Football
Her: Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Him: Fried Turkey
Her: Fried Ham

Him: Cornbread Dressing
Her: way more cornbread dressing ;)

Him: Sweet Potato anything
Her: Absolutely can't stand sweet potato's any way but baked or fries

Him: Eating
Her: Cooking

Him: Sweet Tea
Her: Hot Tea

Him: More Football
Her: It's a Wonderful Life

Him: Food Coma
Her: Black Friday Shopping with his mom :)

Love Always, Tesla 

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