Sunday, January 04, 2015

12 in 2015...

Sorry for the tardiness of this post... I meant to get it finished and posted before the year started but much like everything in my life these past few weeks It didn't go as planned. So here instead are my 12 goals for 2015! One for each month, obviously I have more goals than the ones listed here, these are the 12 most major goals I have for myself this year.

12 in 2015… My Goals list for the Year

1. Take time and grow my relationship with God. Spend more time in his word.
2.     Make my husband more of a priority in my life. (right now school tends to take his place in my priorities and nothing makes me sadder than that)
3.     Be more flexible with my life and my plans. 
4.     Be a more dedicated blogger.
5.     Make a budget for our family and live by it.
6.  Get a Summer position in the field of Law. Even if it’s unpaid.
7.  Go to the Gym at least three days a week. (more is better)
8. Reach my Goal weight of 160 lbs.
9. Go to more than one Gamecocks Football Game.
10. Run two 5k’s
11. Take more spontaneous trips with R. and to just be more spontaneous in general.
12. Get through my 2 L year with my sanity intact.

The Goal is to complete each and every Item on this list by Midnight on December 31, 2014.  In theory this averages out to one goal a month so hopefully I will be able to accomplish most of these before the years end!

I’ll update periodically throughout the year so you guys can keep up with my progress as well.

Love you! Tesla

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