Monday, December 08, 2014

Dealing with Exam Stress

Y'all I am one stressed out girl this time of year... and not because of Christmas or the Holidays. The reason for most of my stress stems from something that is coming much sooner than Christmas and that thing is FINAL EXAMS.

I don't know how many of you are in College, much less how many are Law Students like me but i'd be willing to bet that most of you are or have experienced something similar to final exam stress. In Law School it's like stress on CRACK and you have to sometimes make yourselves slow down, breathe and relax.

I've got a few (3) rituals that are pretty essential for getting myself through exams.

#1. Hot Chocolate and Christmas Movies after final exams.

Last year after I would finish exams I would be so majorly exhausted and mentally drained that all I would want to do is sleep. So instead of getting started on studying for my next exam I would take two hours of my life, sit down have a huge mug of Hot Chocolate and watch my favorite Christmas Movie.

#2. Take Breaks... take them often... and DON'T Burn your candle at both ends.

Exams are a marathon. One that instead of 26.2 miles lasts more along the lines of two weeks. I've learned from last year that nothing is worse than to burn yourself out after your first exam, because you won't have anything left for rounds 2-4... Take breaks in studying, go for a walk, take a hot bath, or do whatever it is that keeps you from going crazy.

#3. Alcohol... But only after the Exams are over.

Drinking during exams isn't advisable... at least for me it isn't.  I make it a point not to drink during exam weeks... however after my last exam I make it a point to have one good night of blowing off a ton of steam with a few drinks... or a few more than a few drinks...

And that my loves is how I survive exams... maybe try it without the drinks because that is really not a great habit to get into.

Love Tesla :)

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