Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Favorite Holiday Meals...

Holidays are a great time for food! And like any good southern girl I love all things Thanksgiving and Christmas. In my family, and my husbands' family there are some staples that are at every single Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinner and those foods also happen to be some of my very favorite things to eat!

My hands down favorite part of any Holiday is cornbread dressing... I know that isn't a meal, It's a side. But when you're me, it's a meal because 90% of what I eat each year is dressing. Because I only get it twice a year and I love it so much! SO let me just clarify when i say Cornbread dressing I do not mean this

this is an abomination... it's almost sacrilegious!  Cornbread Dressing is that amazing of all amazing holiday  foods... It looks like this

and is pretty hard to screw up, but there are a million ways you can make it and everyone and their grandmother thinks their's is the best of the best... but everyone is wrong because my grandma's is the best ;)

My second favorite part of a Holiday meal is the dessert... I love dessert. But especially love Fruit Cake Cookies. One of Ridge's aunts makes the most amazing cookies. I can't give out her recipe but there is a similar one here!

There it is then, my favorite holiday foods. Because lets be honest all holiday meals are my favorite!

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