Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Holidays are Ridiculous... but I love it

I don't know about Ya'll But I personally love the Holidays!

Today's post is a personal one, because for every family the Holidays are different, but if figured I would share my thoughts because while my family seems crazy to me, I know that there are probably a few of you that are right there with me.

Lets get started with a few basics about my family.
My parents are divorced, on my mom's side my grandparents are also divorced and remarried, I have a 16 year old sister from my dad's second marriage and I am myself married so I have in-laws and a new very large extended family.

What all this really means is that from Thanksgiving to New Years I am a busy busy girl!

Thanksgiving - Lunch with my In-Laws, Dinner with my mom and either one or both sets of Grandparents. I generally don't see my dad or sister, unless we somehow manage to make it over to my grandparents for a weird hybrid lunch/dinner around 3pm which puts R and I eating three full dinners in less than 6 hours. (Stuffed)

Thanksgiving is super busy... but Christmas is worse. It consists of three or four, or more different meals over the course of several days. My schedule on Christmas tends to revolve around my little sister to a certain extent because her Christmas rotates on a yearly basis, one year she wakes up at our dad's the next he gets her at 2pm on Christmas day. This year our schedule looks a little like this.

Christmas Eve - Lunch with my mom, stepdad, mom's mom and stepdad. Dinner with mom a, stepdad, mom's dad and stepmom. (or vice versa we aren't real sure)
- then R and I leave my parents house and drive to his parents house unless my dad has my sister on Christmas Eve in which case we will drive to my dad's house and open presents... and probably eat more food before going back to his parents house to spend the night.

Christmas Day - Christmas Day starts with Presents at R's mom's house. We exchange presents with his mom, stepdad and brother before getting dressed and heading to Christmas #2 which is with R's Grandparents, Uncle, Aunt, Cousins, and 2nd cousin. This includes breakfast (meal #1 for the day), and presents with everyone who isn't at the house when we first wake up. After breakfast we have a little bit of time to relax before we have to be at Christmas #3 with his extended family about thirty minutes away. This consists of lunch and presents with our secret santa's and more desert than any one meal should ever have. After that R and I generally have to head to my Grandparents (dad's parents) back in the same town where we were to start with for more food. Then we turn around and head back to the country for Dinner with his extended family and sometimes more presents... but definitely a game or two of spoons. By then we are all ready for bed and glad the day is over and we can go home and go to bed.

At some point after Christmas (generally the following Sat) we go to NC to see R's step dad's family and have more food and presents and family time.

If you were keeping count that is 8 Christmases, and about that many meals in a two day period of time. It's no small wonder I feel like Crap from Christmas to New Years I always overeat.

You would think with how crazy our schedule is I would hate having to do it all... but the thing is I love seeing our families, I love the kids faces on Christmas morning when they get their presents, and I love the feeling of the season.

Maxie Loves The Holidays too! Maybe too much!

Because lets face it, Holiday's are CRAZY but I love them! 

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