Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Why I love Christmas now... when I didn't before

Disclaimer... this post isn't necessarily a happy one, but it is an honest one.

I never really enjoyed Christmas when I was young, I enjoyed my family, I enjoyed the gifts, but I never truly enjoyed the Holiday. To me it was always more about the hustle and bustle of going from place to place. The struggle to keep up from year to year of where I would wake up on Christmas morning, and where I would be Christmas night. That was life for me, as I'm fairly certain it is for most children whose parents are divorced. Custody arrangements are a bitch... that's a fact! They take a tole on your ability to enjoy Christmas because you can't have consistency, you can't have tradition and you never get to play with the toys Santa brings you because you barely have time to open them before you have to be carted off to the other parents house.

That was life for a long time... Now it's not. Not that I'm not still shuffling back and forth from parent to parent, alternating years because my little sister is in a similar situation to the one I was in as a child, but it's different now because I have Ridge. He shuffles back and forth with me, he makes the million and one trips to see my parents, his parents, and all the respective grandparents each year without complaining and he keeps me from getting depressed about the fact that I can't spend my Christmas sitting in my living room, in my pajamas, curled up with a cup of coffee, my husband, and our cat. {My Ideal Christmas... isn't that sad I really just long to stay put for a day}

Also ... major plus this year. Instead of being the one taking the family Christmas Photo at my in-laws house I get to be in it! Success I finally made the picture!

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