Friday, January 16, 2015

I need HELP!

But Seriously yall I'm struggling with some serious face issues the past few months and I need some advice.
Typically my skin is very smooth and clear, i don't have a big problem with oily spots or dry spots, and I don't actually need to wear makeup. {not bragging in any way shape and form just attempting to explain what has me so confused about my skin lately}
Recently I've noticed that my skin is really dry in some places, it's not breaking out or anything but I have a LOT of redness. So much that I have been wearing makeup constantly to cover it up... I'm pretty good at hiding it but I wanted to know if any one has any suggestions on what I can to to make it go away? Is this something i should go to a dermatologist about? Am I just being crazy and need to hush? I added pics to show you what I'm talking about... however the redness isn't as bad in the pictures as it looks in real life... I actually had the Benefit Girl who helped me pick out my foundation ask if I had Rosacia. {which to my knowledge i do not in fact have... is that something that you can develop??}

I initially took these pics for a makeup post about covering up the redness, so thats why they are before and after shots, however I decided that getting help was more important so here they are in this post :) I'll just have to do my makeup post on hiding the super dark bags that are almost always hanging out under my eyeballs :/

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