Friday, February 06, 2015

Random Gifting... To friends

So for those of you who don't know this about me i am a huge fan of gifting... I love to give people presents especailly when they aren't necessrily expecting to get something. Meaning I really do like to give gifts at other times than Christmas and Birthdays.

About a two months ago I came up with the idea that I would "gift" a few special women I love dearly with a little something to celebrate them in this new phase of thier life that they are either getting ready to enter, or have just entered (like me). Those special women are five of my dearest loves who are either getting married this year, or have semi-recently gotten married (i included  one of my dearest friends even though she got married in 2013  i think she still deserves to be gifted, and of course I bought myself one... so six I bought six of these gifts)

After deciding to do this I set out to find the perfect gift, something that I thought they would each love, and would be practical, pretty, and honestly not to hard to ship... because buying them each anything huge would have been awful on my budget... can you imagine the shipping. I browsed etsy for hours on hours... and finally I found them. 

I ordered 6 beautiful silver "Mrs" necklaces, they reminded me so much of the Kate Spade necklaces I loved so much and I though they would be perfect for all the soon to me/and recent Mrs'.

Now waiting on them to arrive has been torture, and waiting on the girls to get their packages in the mail will be even more torture... but I'm really looking forward to being able to surprise them with just a little something (a Necklace and a handwritten note)... The Packages went out today... and Maybe I'll be back with an update for you guys with how they liked them ;)

I won't be naming names since some of them might read this blog ... 

To my Soon to be Mrs' friends, 

You are such wonderful women, and the kind of friends that are terribly hard to come by. I adore you to no end, and I hope you will like your necklaces, and know that the what the three of you mean to me is imeasureable. Two of you were bridesmaids in my wedding, which should tell you already that you hold a special place in my heart, and the third of you, well you're the type of friend that only comes around once in a lifetime, the type of friend that though i've known you for a shorter amount of time our friendship is already stronger than most. The three of you are getting ready to embark on the most wonderful of journeys with amazing men by your sides. You will make the most stunning brides, and I know in my heart that on that day no one will ever have looked quite so lovely as you did.

To my friends who are Wife's already, 

As for the two of you who are already living the wife life, and doing so amazingly well, I adore you both and to see you married and so happy gives me great joy.  You were both the most beautiful brides, and i cried really happy tears at both of your weddings. I've never seen two couples that looked so insanely wonderfully in love on thier wedding day. And the respect and love that you both have for your husbands is something i try to bring into my life every day.  I won't lie you are both amazing role models to me as a newlywed (even though one of you is a week newer at this than I am ;) ) I love how you both are able to be such amazing examples of what a Godly wife should be, and I strive every day to be more like the two of you. Thank you for being the best kind of examples. I love you both so much!

Love Always, Tesla