Friday, July 24, 2015

Stitch Fix Review... Fix #2

Stitch Fix #2 was a semi successful fix... 
I kept four of the five items in my box and am actually very happy with how they look on me.

The one item I did not keep was the dark green dress (which is actually dark green with very small black polka dots all over it) It was a very cute dress, and on the hanger I loved it! 
The issue was that on me not only was the dress unflattering, it didn't fit. 
I have very broad shoulders and that makes dresses that zip in the back more difficult for me to wear. Also the way the top of the dress is cut mad it impossible for me to zip it up.

Everything else I kept. Although I didn't really love the teal shirt on second inspection. I sorta wish I had sent it back as well.

Fashion Friday... Here we go again :)

Hey Y'all!
and welcome back.

Today I am finally getting back on track with my Fashion Friday posts. In honor of that I decided that todays post would be a special one. I wanted to share some of my favorite work appropriate but still fun outfits. As well as one that is not work appropriate but I think is super cute.