Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Happy Halloweek... Mermaid Glam Inspired Look

Today I wanted to have a little fun... 
this was my mermaid inspired glam look...

Disclaimer: My video camera has gone missing so I've done the best I can possibly do with the resources I had available... sorry loves

The products I used are pictured below...


Monday, October 26, 2015

Happy Halloweek...Sweet Scarecrow Costume Tutorial

Who Say's Halloween Costumes have to be scary! I filmed this super adorable Scarecrow tutorial a few weeks ago and couldn't wait to share it with you guys.

Here's the makeup I used to create this look.

All in all the look took about 20 minutes to get right and there are some details that I would alter if i ever did this look again. I had so much fun doing this!


Friday, October 23, 2015

Fashion Friday.... Autumn Wedding Edition

Weddings are my favorite! 
I just love, well... Love!

and getting to watch two people who love each other make a commitment to one another for the rest of their lives is a beautiful thing...

A beautiful thing that in the majority of circumstances requires an outfit that is something slightly more than your day to day attire.

In the summer a cute sundress can suffice, but in autumn when the temperatures are cooler and a sundress just won't do??? 
Oh well then what's a girl to do?

There are a few ways to do this, and depending on the temperature any and all are fully acceptable

Option 1 Pair your classic LBD with tights, heels, and a wrap or shawl, for dressier weddings, especially if your LBD is sleeveless or strapless. (generally i would never advocate wearing black to a wedding... like ever, but that's just a personal preference)

Option 2: Pair a fun shift dress with tights, boots or heels, and a statement necklace, for an afternoon wedding.

I will say that all three of these options are decidedly casual, and if the wedding you are attending is more formal in nature you should consider something else, either a cocktail dress or if extremely formal go floor length... However, i don't know I've ever been to a wedding where that was necessary, i've been to a few in cocktail attire, but no floor length gown formal occasions!

Tomorrow I'll be traveling back to Greenwood S.C for the wedding of my beautiful college roommate and her equally wonderful fiance! They are just the most amazing couple and I can't wait to see them finally get married! She was one of my beautiful bridesmaids and I am so blessed to be able to witness her marry the love of her life tomorrow! After all high school sweet hearts are a one of a kind love... I'd know. I'm married to mine, and soon this beautiful lady to my right will be married to hers!

Congrats Briana and Drew! I know tomorrow is going to be the best day and a beautiful start to the best life!  I love you guys and I'm so happy for you.


Also... a picture of what I actually wore will be forthcoming... I had to go to the store and buy pantyhose so I didn't get a picture when I was getting all the other ones.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Tuesday Morning's... aka the real worst day of my week

So, Lots of people hate Monday's... 
I may be the minority here but Monday's don't bother me.
The real bane of my existence is Tuesday...

Seriously, Tuesday's are the worst day of the week for me.
For starters Monday is my longest class day, I'm at school from 9:10 in the morning until 7:30 at night, when you add work and homework in at the end of the day I don't typically get to bed at a reasonable time.

Tuesday mornings... my alarm goes off at 5:00 am, then again at 5:30... I still don't get up
Diva begins to beat on my face because she's hungry around 6:30... I finally crawl out of bed, debate murdering my cat, quash those impulses, feed her and look at my phone... it's almost 7:00 am

I have class at 9:10, but if i'm not in the parking lot by 8:00 i won't get a spot so panic mode kicks in...

No time for a shower, dry shampoo it is.
Throw hair into a messy braid, throw on head band...

Spend way too long looking for clothes...

finally find something decent and have to spend another few minutes trying to pic a jacket/blazer/sweater that goes with it

Settle on the tan sweater, I always settle on the tan sweater...

Spend even more time trying to find things I shouldn't have lost in the first place, this morning it was my chapstick, my makeup removal wipes (to get rid of yesterdays makeup before so i don't look like a raccoon)
Decide i need something on my face after all... grab my Naked 3 Palette, Perversion Mascara, and the closest thing to chapstick I have, which just so happens to be a tinted lip balm from Victoria Secret that Catherine from Cittie Tells gave me during the aquagedon last week. Five minute face later, leaving my actual face completely naked mind you. Grabbed the balm and mascara and put them in my bag. 

Decide there's no time for coffee or breakfast, take my vitamins and head out the door at 7:20am.
It's rainy again, of course... Just what SC needs more flipping rain.

Start to feel sick on way to school (don't take multi vitamins on an empty stomach), have to take the time to stop at Chick-Fil-A, got a biscuit and some sweet tea. The sweet tea was a bright spot in my hectic morning.

 Got to school at exactly 7:45... got a parking spot! It was raining so i took the shuttle to the Law School.

I'm already exhausted and the day just started...

But for all you Monday haters, I hope today is better for you than yesterday :)


Friday, October 09, 2015

Fashion Friday... for a cause

Hey Y'all!

I'm all about some causes this week, however this post was planned a while back and my post about SC disaster relief wasn't one I ever planned on writing. You can get to that post here if you'd like to know more about #SCBeautyRelief. 

I recently ordered a Give Grace tee from Scarlet & Gold Shop and I was super excited when it came in the mail late last week.

On top of being a really awesome shirt, the money from the shirts go to a really great cause.

The basics of it are that 100% of the proceeds from the Give Grace Products go towards funding for couples facing infertility...

While R and I aren't quite ready to start a family just yet, we both have the strong desire to be parents. The thought of wanting children so badly, trying for years to conceive, and still being unable to have the family you long for is too devastating to even think about. But for families all over the world it is an everyday issue.

If you want to know more about the #GiveGrace campaign, or the Scarlet & Gold Shop use the link above to visit their site.

Order a shirt, or a print if it tickles your fancy,

But no matter what please Pray! Say a prayer for all the couples struggling with infertility regardless of the cause.
God has big plans for you and they are beyond anything you could possibly dream.


Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Beauty for A Cause... South Carolina Disaster Relief

Hi Loves!
So, if like me you guys are from South Carolina... 
 Actually unless you've been living under a rock for the past week, you know that South Carolina, and particularly the Midlands and Low Country, have been having a pretty rough week. 

The past few days have been so full of uncertainty and fear for so many of us, myself included, as we evacuated our homes in fear of the rising waters. While I was very lucky and am able to write this post from the comfort of my apartment, so many people in this area weren't so lucky. 

Flooding in this area has been devastating to say the least, roads and bridges have been washed away, business have been destroyed, our water systems have been compromised, people have lost their homes, their vehicles, and sadly even their lives in these floods. For days the rain and flood waters bombarded our towns, leaving such destruction in their wake that it was difficult to believe that there was anything that could be done. We were forced to watch helplessly as mother nature destroyed our beloved state.

Today the sun is shining, and the waters are receding but the effects of this disaster are ones that will be felt far and wide in South Carolina for many days, weeks, months, and even years to come. As we clean up and rebuild, as human beings we begin to ask ourselves "What can I do?" and "How can I help?"

The answer to that question is you can use what you have to help... 

Myself and Catherine from Cittie Tells wanted to start a campaign for Beauty Bloggers as well as our readers. 

The idea behind Beauty for South Carolina Disaster Relief  is a simple one... While you are shopping for the next two weeks (10/7/2015 through 10/21/2015) consider donating the money you were going to spend on a beauty product to help with the disaster relief in South Carolina instead of buying that product. 

I'll be donating the $20.00 I was planning on using to purchase a new curling wand as well as the $35.00 I was going to use on the Tarte At First Blush Deluxe brush set to the Harvest Hope Food Bank here in Columbia. Because right now I don't need new blush as much as my City needs help!

The fact of the matter is, every little bit counts!

Here are several organizations that could really use your donations:

Harvest Hope Food Bank 803.254.4432 
Salvation Army 1.800.725.2769 

If you choose to donate please tag me on twitter (@Tesla_Nicole91) or instagram (@Tesla_Nicole91) and use #SCBeautyRelief, send a picture of what you were going to buy but donated instead

You may also grab this badge to put on your webpage encouraging others to donate!

Beauty for South Carolina Disaster Relief

If you are interested in making a non-monetary donation, such as clothing, food, or water there is a great need for those items as well and the organizations listed above can give you more information on making those donations.

For those of you who would be interested in volunteering with the disaster relief effort the United Way page has listed various opportunities for volunteering as well.

Being a Blessing to someone else is often the greatest blessing to yourself! 

 Kisses, Tesla

Thursday, October 01, 2015

An Old Fave made New!

So I've posted on here before about blogs I absolutely adore, some of them are favorites because of content, some because I love the women who are behind them, and then there are the blogs that have become a part of my daily life... the one's I read religiously, every single morning with my cup of coffee, before I go to school and start my crazy day... I only have two of these
One of them, actually one of the first blogs I ever read, and a big reason I decided to become a blogger myself is Neely's A Complete Waste of Makeup.

I've followed Neely's blog for years, and I adore it. SO I was super excited to get on Instagram this morning and find out that Neely has relaunched her blog under a new name. Same amazing content, same amazing blogger! But now she can be found at It Starts With Coffee!

Not only has she relaunched her brilliant blog under a new name, but she is having a giveaway as well! I suggest you all go over and enter because you don't want to miss out on an opportunity to win some amazing things! She's giving away $75.00 gift cards to Starbucks and Sephora, as well as a super SUPER cute prize pack from The Trendy Sparrow that any blogger lady would go weak at the knees for! But don't take my word for it go and check it out for yourself!

Hopefully you'll love It Starts With Coffee as much as I do!

Happy October Loves! Kisses!

Project Selfie 365...

Happy October Loves!
Today begins my favorite month of the year... and my insane count down to Halloween (my favorite holiday... Just in Case you didn't know!)

But today also begins something fun, silly, and challenging for me... today is Day #1 of a project I decided to do called Selfie 365... It's exactly what it sounds like starting today October 1, 2015 and going through September 30, 2016 I will take a selfie. At the end of the 365 days I will compile them, put them to music and make you a video which I will post (I'm debating doing a monthly post instead but we will see)

So, before you say... 'Huh, vain much! Why are you taking a selfie a day?"

Here's my reasoning... I want to do this, and I'm encouraging you loves to do it too, because I believe that while every day may not be wonderful, and you may not feel like a fabulous Goddess divine! You are one! I am one! We're all amazingly beautiful and special in our own ways and that beauty deserves to be celebrated! So grab your camera, your phone, your laptop, your whatever and take a selfie!
And While you're at it... don't forget to love yourselfie! ;)

Kisses, Tesla!

2015 Horror Movie Hit List

It's October Again Loves!
Which means it's that time of year where I put all other television shows and movies on the back burner and only watch horror movies! 

I'm Super Psyched about this and thought I would share with yall my 2015 Horror Movie Hit List... all the movies I want to watch between now and Halloween!

2015 Horror Movie Hit List – Movies I Haven’t Seen Yet

   The Gallows
    It Follows
 The House on Pine Street
   The Conjuring
     Dead End
 Tucker and Dale vs. Evil
  Devils Due
  The Bay

Notable Mentions – One’s I’ve Already Seen and Would Totally watch Again

All Cheerleaders Die
 The Awakening
 Dead Silence
The Strangers
The Innkeepers

Classic’s That are Always Worth The Re-Watch

Halloween Series
Nightmare on Elm Street
Friday the Thirteenth
Ghost Ship