Thursday, October 01, 2015

2015 Horror Movie Hit List

It's October Again Loves!
Which means it's that time of year where I put all other television shows and movies on the back burner and only watch horror movies! 

I'm Super Psyched about this and thought I would share with yall my 2015 Horror Movie Hit List... all the movies I want to watch between now and Halloween!

2015 Horror Movie Hit List – Movies I Haven’t Seen Yet

   The Gallows
    It Follows
 The House on Pine Street
   The Conjuring
     Dead End
 Tucker and Dale vs. Evil
  Devils Due
  The Bay

Notable Mentions – One’s I’ve Already Seen and Would Totally watch Again

All Cheerleaders Die
 The Awakening
 Dead Silence
The Strangers
The Innkeepers

Classic’s That are Always Worth The Re-Watch

Halloween Series
Nightmare on Elm Street
Friday the Thirteenth
Ghost Ship

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