Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Tuesday Morning's... aka the real worst day of my week

So, Lots of people hate Monday's... 
I may be the minority here but Monday's don't bother me.
The real bane of my existence is Tuesday...

Seriously, Tuesday's are the worst day of the week for me.
For starters Monday is my longest class day, I'm at school from 9:10 in the morning until 7:30 at night, when you add work and homework in at the end of the day I don't typically get to bed at a reasonable time.

Tuesday mornings... my alarm goes off at 5:00 am, then again at 5:30... I still don't get up
Diva begins to beat on my face because she's hungry around 6:30... I finally crawl out of bed, debate murdering my cat, quash those impulses, feed her and look at my phone... it's almost 7:00 am

I have class at 9:10, but if i'm not in the parking lot by 8:00 i won't get a spot so panic mode kicks in...

No time for a shower, dry shampoo it is.
Throw hair into a messy braid, throw on head band...

Spend way too long looking for clothes...

finally find something decent and have to spend another few minutes trying to pic a jacket/blazer/sweater that goes with it

Settle on the tan sweater, I always settle on the tan sweater...

Spend even more time trying to find things I shouldn't have lost in the first place, this morning it was my chapstick, my makeup removal wipes (to get rid of yesterdays makeup before so i don't look like a raccoon)
Decide i need something on my face after all... grab my Naked 3 Palette, Perversion Mascara, and the closest thing to chapstick I have, which just so happens to be a tinted lip balm from Victoria Secret that Catherine from Cittie Tells gave me during the aquagedon last week. Five minute face later, leaving my actual face completely naked mind you. Grabbed the balm and mascara and put them in my bag. 

Decide there's no time for coffee or breakfast, take my vitamins and head out the door at 7:20am.
It's rainy again, of course... Just what SC needs more flipping rain.

Start to feel sick on way to school (don't take multi vitamins on an empty stomach), have to take the time to stop at Chick-Fil-A, got a biscuit and some sweet tea. The sweet tea was a bright spot in my hectic morning.

 Got to school at exactly 7:45... got a parking spot! It was raining so i took the shuttle to the Law School.

I'm already exhausted and the day just started...

But for all you Monday haters, I hope today is better for you than yesterday :)


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