Saturday, November 07, 2015

Be Still my Poor Little Ovaries...

Diagnosis: Baby Fever

Symptoms: extreme longing for a child when confronted with (a) babies and or pictures of babies, (b) baby related products, (c) things that remind you of babies e.g. puppies, kittens, or baby birds, (d) anything that remotely makes you think about babies... which is pretty much everything.

Prognosis: Chronic, Recurring,  and Highly Contagious

Treatment: Have a baby? 

hmmm maybe that's not such a good idea right now. 

Treatment #2... WE DON'T KNOW!

So all joking aside...
Baby Fever... it's a thing. Call it my biological clock ticking, call it maternal instinct, call it whatever you want... the result is the same, a deep and intense longing for a child that makes even the sanest of us loose our wits and spend copious amounts of time on Pinterest planning a nursery for babies we haven't even made yet. 

What caused this weeks relapse???

Well baby shopping for my step-brother's precious little son who made his debut a few months early but is already the most handsome little man in the whole wide world. Even at only 29 weeks and right around 3 lbs. The clothes I bought him for his baby shower (that was supposed to be on sunday) will be much too big so I went out in search of something that would be more useful to his mommy and daddy now. Well BuyBuy Baby... how dare you be so flipping cute. Instant ovary attack the moment you walk in the door... cute baby stuff everywhere. I hate it. I really do. I can't have kids right now, but dang it I'd like to. 

What will cause next week's relapse???

Who flipping knows. Probably something really small and insignificant like a sock.

Sorry for the Rant... 

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