Friday, November 20, 2015

Fashion Friday... Football Fashion for Every Game

So, for me what I wear to a football game varies depending on three factors...
When the game is?
This includes not only the day of the game, but the time of year the game occurs (my gameday look is different when i go home to cheer on my Raiders and when I stay here to cheer on my Gamecocks, but it also changes as the season progresses to get a bit warmer).

What I'm doing?
Am I going to the game just to cheer for my team? am I going with family? Friends? My Hubby? are we tailgating? All of these things are also factors that effect how I would dress for games.

The final factor is what team I'm pulling for?

Needless to say I won't be wearing Garnet and Black to my high school's football games any more than I would wear Green and Gold to watch my Gamecocks play! However when I'm going to games where I don't have a dog in the race so to speak this gets a little more complicated. In these situation's I prefer a simple base, either a simple dress, or jeans and tee shirt in a neutral color, almost always white or black, paired with a scarf, earrings, and sometimes even shoes in the colors of the team I'm supporting.


And just for an added bonus... here's my best impressions of the Heisman Trophy... which apparently isn't a very good impression! But hey Go Vikings!

Happy Football Season Loves!

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