Thursday, November 12, 2015

Fashion Friday (on a Thursday)... Stitch Fix #4

Today's Fashion Friday... is on a Thursday... oops!
But really how could I not when today's post is about my latest Stitch Fix and today is one year from the day I received my very first Stitch Fix in the mail!

(Also makes it the 1 year anniversary of that time I was so excited to open my First Stitch Fix that I fell off the bed edge and hit my head on the window sill, and possibly dislocated my shoulder. Which resulted in my husband telling making my dad and sister think I was seriously injured... thanks babe! J/K I love you! But really, maybe lead with the I'm alright part?)

But Any Whoo...

If you're a long time follower you know that I subscribe to the Stitch Fix service.

You also know that I've has a love/hate relationship with it from the very beginning.

I recently got my fourth Stitch Fix in the mail... and it was actually amazing!
I kept three of the five items and am so in love with two of them that I've worn/carried them on a regular basis pretty much every day since.

My stylist this time was Holly! Holly you do good things!

So here's everything I got and what I thought about it.

Item #1 - Renee C Verena Dress

I loved this dress. It was adorable, a little on the short side, but it fit me well otherwise. I liked the color and the pattern, I loved the fabric. However I didn't keep it. For several reasons. I have several dresses that are really similar to this dress, and in practice I don't wear them. Additionally this dress is not at all suitable for court which is one of my major concerns with any dress or skirt, and most tops I purchase these days. I wish I had taken the advice in my stylists note and tried it on with the 41 Hawthorn Cardigan from my very first Fix (You can find that post here! Cannot believe it's already been a year since my first fix... ) because I think that may have swayed me to keep this one.

Item #2 - Market & Spruce Alan French Asymmetrical Zip Cardigan


This cardigan is everything! at $68.00 it was tied for the most expensive thing in my fix, but how could i not keep it! I like it zipped or unzipped, and I've worn it at least four times since I got it in my fix... I accidentally washed it last night! Here's hoping it didn't shrink or I'll be devastated. A love for certain!

Item #3 - Pixley Gania Embellished Neckline Blouse

This Pixley top is my second favorite thing from the fix! I just adore it. I love it paired with trousers or a skirt for work/court, I love it with jeans and a cardigan for school... I just love it. The detailing around the neckline is gorgeous. This was a for sure keeper the moment I took it out of the box. The length is perfect, and it fit me well across the chest (guess thats because it has no sleeves.) Is it worth $58.00, i'm not sure i would have paid that in a store. But I bought it so clearly I do believe it was worth the money.

Item #4 - Urban Expressions Andover Bowler Bag

I love this pocket book. It's the first time i've gotten one through Stitch Fix and I was really impressed. The size is definitely large enough. In fact I've been carrying it every day since I got it in the mail! So Win for Stitch Fix... win for me... wins all around! It was a pricey purchase coming in at $68.00 but I just love it so much it's worth every penny!

Item #5 - Papermoon for StitchFix Wynn Blouse

This shirt was adorable on the hanger... but on my body it was just a huge resounding NO! First off the pattern I adored! However when I put the shirt on it was much too tight through the shoulders and i was not a fan of how short it was on me (those long torso probs). The second issue i had were the huge pockets on the chest of the blouse, one directly atop each of my breasts... not attractive design choice for busty women there. So this one was obviously a send back, I just couldn't see paying $48.00 for something that didn't fit me right.

The overal verdict? Fix Success! I was most happy with this fix out of all the one's i've received. Can't wait for my next one!


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