Monday, November 30, 2015

Lip Service... A La Rimmel

This is post two in my Lip Service Series...

If you missed post one you can see it here!

Basically, this series is a swatch fest of my favorite lip products arranged by brand. My first post focused on NYX cosmetics, this one is focused on Rimmel both of which are beautiful Drugstore brands. The third and final portion of this series will focus on high end lip products :)

So you know the drill... product, swatches, what I love, what I don't....

Rimmel's Moisture Renew Lipsticks are a product I've adored for a long time. I own several different colors. (7 I own 7... )

Thing that annoys me about these lipsticks... The fact that they all look identical and I don't have a good storage option that lets me easily see what color the lipstick is.

Minor issue though.

What I love about these lipsticks... every other thing!
They go on like buttah, the colors are rich and vibrant, they don't cost and arm and a leg, and you can find a color you like... 100% of the time. These lipsticks have a color for everyone!

Auburn Breeze, Coral Gardens, and Berry Rose are what I guess you would call "my lips but better" shades. They are almost exactly the color of my lips with a slight variation for each of them. I love these colors they work amazingly with my skin tone! 

Nude Delight is my absolute favorite! I love it so much I wore it on my wedding day!

Pink Chic is the perfect pink, well for me it is.

Red Alert and As You Like it Victoria are both bright, bold, beautiful colors. Red Alert is a red and As You Like it Victoria is a bright bold pink. They are both gorgeous, however I don't wear them often, because they are so bold and also because they don't stand up well to eating and drinking.

So all and all, Rimmel Moisture renew lipsticks are my boo's! 
Will most definitely be picking up some more colors in the near future :) 


Disclaimer: These opinions are entirely my own. I am in no way affiliated with this brand, nor have I been compensated in anyway for giving my opinion on these products. I share because I care!

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