Monday, January 25, 2016

FOMO... oh NO!

Life is something isn't it...
There are a million things going on in our lives every day and only 24 hours in which to get them done. School, work, family, and socializing are all priorities of mine and that can result in some real problems... because I, like most people, suffer from something called Fear of Missing Out... or FOMO.

and let me tell you FOMO is a MOFO...

It makes you want to be in all the places at once... heck I can think of more than one time that FOMO has resulted in my way over extending myself...

Like that time I went to not one, but TWO weddings in the same day... or how about that time I spent a whole weekend running back and forth from Laurens to Columbia (three times... which by the way is almost 300 miles and a full tank of gas) to attend two different football games, a birthday party, a cocktail hour, and a bridal shower... or my personal favorite the time I called in sick to work, so that I wouldn't miss out on going to my sororities philanthropy event Junior year of college, but fell asleep on my couch and missed the event any way because I'd been up for almost 48 hours straight!

I got a FOMO problem y'all! I'm working on that I promise!

In the past three years (clears throat and coughs a cough that sounds suspiciously like *law school*) there have been way too many times that I've felt like I was missing out on something... everything. I have a couple things that I use to help me keep up with whats going on in my life, and my world.

The first thing, of course is my trusty day planner. I write the important things down in there so that I don't forget them. I also use my schools TWEN page to keep up with Women in Law events, for work deadlines I use the calendar on my computer, and for Law School events, and Bar Events we use email and Eventbrite to keep us up to date with what is going on.

If you don't know what Eventbrite is... well you should because you're missing out big time! It's an online ticketing platform that allows you to purchase tickets to events... well it allows me to purchase tickets for events, it could also allow you to sell tickets for an event :) It is super user friendly, and allows you to purchase tickets at the click of a mouse... it also reminds me of when events are... which I find highly useful! My school uses Eventbrite to handle RSVP's for free lunch events, IT seminars, and even the 3L bar prep seminars... in addition our Student Bar Association uses Eventbrite to sell tickets to Monsters Ball, the Annual Band Party, and Barristers Ball (aka Law School Prom). It's an excellent service and I highly recommend using it to help fight the FOMO!

SO I know FOMO... how about y'all???

Tell me about it stud...

Crap Grease moment... well just tell me about it!

Here's to kicking FOMO in the you know what!


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