Team Howell

If you've been here a while you probably know the members of Team Howell pretty well!

But just in case you don't... Let me tell you a little bit about ourselves.

You've got R, my wonderful husband and Captain of Team Howell.

He's the one who makes it all work,

He's a former volunteer Firefighter,  a truck driver and phenomenal cook (by far the better of the two of us). 

Fan of the South Carolina Gamecocks, Green Bay Packers, and whatever team Peyton Manning is playing for at the time ;) . 

He's also my very best friend in this entire world, my biggest supporter, and a big reason why I've been able to go to Law School and follow my dreams. 

He's the calm and steady one, the messy one, the adventurous one, and the brave one... He's outgoing and strong and he makes me bold and I love that about us...

I'm a pretty big fan of this guy right here!

Then there's me... the blogger, Attorney, crazy person...

Since this is my blog you all know quite a bit about me...

My role in the team: the serious one...

I take any and everything too serious, myself, my job, my life. I'm a definite type A personality.

I can't tell a joke to save my life... except sometimes I'm funny when i'm not really trying... 

I'm the one who keeps up with our calendars, pays the bills (he makes the money right now, but I'm the only one organized enough to make sure that money goes where it needs to), cleans the house, takes care of our fur babies, and does all the grocery shopping {even when he is home}

I'm Hyper organized, very set in my ways and schedule, and generally afraid to try new things.

Needless to say R and I are complete opposites... and thats why we work. We bring out the best in one another and work really well together as a team.

The Big Sister...
Diva Howell

Diva at 3 years

She's aptly named... this little one is quite the Diva.

She's our sweet, loving, dramatic three year old tabby.

She won't wear her collar, tries to sneak out of the house, has two beds but refuses to sleep in them, she prefers to sleep on my pillow next to my head, or between us when we're both home.

She keeps me company when R is gone, and completely ignores me when he's home (guess she's a Daddy's girl)

She's our oldest fur baby, even R, who is a total dog person, can't deny he loves this little fur ball.

Her hobbies include eating, sleeping, destroying electronic cords, but only the really expensive Apple ones or Xbox headsets... she's got expensive taste, and making painful biscuits on my stomach and sides whenever she can.

She likes to chase bugs, and look out the window... birds and squirrels are her arch nemesis, and she likes to sleep on my back when I'm laying on the couch.

Oh and she's not so fond of her new sisters :) and I can't blame her because she gets chased... A LOT!

The Middle Sister...
Dixie Howell

Dixie at Two Months Old
Dixie at Ten Months

Dixie is a sweet little puppy that R and I adopted on April 2, 2016!

She's a pit bull, with stunning Hazel eyes, and the prettiest smile! She's such a sweetie and loves going to visit her grandparents every chance she gets!

 She's rowdy and rambunctious and into everything. She hates her kennel and inhales her food. Current obsessions include chewing on EVERYTHING... she likes to eat her leash, my feet, her toys, the coffee table... pretty much anything that doesn't run away when she tries to chew it. 

She Knows her name, doesn't come when she's called, and doesn't understand that she can't bite my face... but hey she's a pup yet and we're working on it.

She has grown into her personality so much. She loves to cuddle with her daddy and I, chase the cat, chaser he tail, and can jump clear over the back of our couch when she gets excited. Puppy class is in her future to handle the peeing in the floor issue. Because we haven't seemed to grasp it thus far.

Big sister Diva is still not really a fan... but we're working on it!

Rest In Peace Precious Girl...
Aspen Howell
(July 4, 2016 - July 17, 2017)
Aspen at 5 months
{Our sweet puppy girl passed away just after her 1st birthday from kidney failure. The vets all say it was chronic and something she had probably had since before we adopted her. The void she left in my heart when she crossed the rainbow bridge is immense, and it will be a while before I'm ready to open up my heart and home to another sweet pupper. But when we do, you can guarantee he or she will be a rescue like our sweet Aspy.}

Aspen is the most recent addition to our team... she's a Pitt mix that we "adopted" on December 5, 2016. And by "adopted" I mean we went to the vet with Dixie doodle for an ear infection and came home with another sweet girl.

Aspen was a pound puppy who, along with her sister, wound up at our vet for some shots before being transferred to Vermont. However, both sweet girls had fevers from skin infections and couldn't be transferred. A wonderful lady at our vets office took both dogs so they wouldn't have to go back to the pound and be euthanized :( and offered Aspen to us, and she kept her sweet sister.

{Do you guys get now why I'm such a HUGE fan of adopting and not shopping??? Because sweet babies like Aspen are getting put down EVERY DAY!}

Aspen currently enjoy's cuddling with me on the couch, cuddling with Dixie, and chewing on her nylabone. She can jump clear over the baby gates we use to keep the girls in the rooms we want them in, but usually will only do it if Ridge or I are on the other side. She doesn't like being alone.

Big sis Diva isn't a fan of this pup either... but she stands her own :)

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